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social media freelancer

Great social matters

Nearly ten years ago I carried out my own research into the growing importance of social  media. This was at a time when it was seen as a nice thing to have and not a neccessity. 

My research back then showed that before placing an order on any website, 50% of users would check out a brand’s social media before doing so. 

Back then, social was a trust signal. Today, it’s critical for success.


My approach to social media management, whether that’s been for international social media chains, start-up leisure firms and bars to market-dominating B2B giants follows the same methodology. What do we have to say? What do our followers want to hear? What would provide value to them? And what sort of content can we give them that would induce the action the business desires? 

Answering these questions forms a large part of the ongoing strategy for my clients, whether they’ve 100 locations or one venue with 5 guest ales to get started.

Plan of action.

Here are the steps I typically take for each social media campaign. They’re methodical, they allow for your expert input and is always guided by analytics and data.