PPC Freelancer

Driving revenue and lead generation (whilst driving down the cost). Outsourcing your paid search marketing to a PPC freelancer can save you time and a hell of a lot of wasted cash.

Scale up whilst driving down the cost

A PPC freelancer that's obsessed with profitable CPLs

PPC freelancer

It always amazes me...

… how much money clients in the past have previously spent on the likes of Google AdWords and Bing without really understanding just HOW MUCH it was costing them. Sure, they’ll have a monthly budget and they were pretty much sticking to it. But was AdWords ever really delivering for them? At a profitable level at least?

The answer was typically no, and it’s become a favourite job of mine to go through paid search campaigns routing out where (so much) wasted spend happens and to help clients focus in on what’s really working.


My approach as a PPC freelancer is pretty simple. I’ll analyse what your business offers, research which keywords are ‘primed to buy’ and create campaigns from there, typically producing a few optimised landing pages in the process. 

I obsess over tweaking campaign targeting, bid amounts, keyword matches and landing page alterations. Every month, I expect my clients to see better results than the last. 

Drastically cutting cost-per-lead figures is a key metric for B2B firms focused on leads, whilst CPA figures can be slashed by honing in on what e-commerce customers are really digging on your store. 

Plan of action.

Here are the steps I typically take for each PPC campaign. They’re methodical, they allow for your expert input and is always guided by analytics and data.