Content marketing consultant

Need great blog content, website copy, sales messaging or an off-site content strategy to get your business noticed?

Pictures tell a thousand words... but a thousand words will rank in Google.

Great content for your blog, website or off-site marketing efforts

Content marketing consultant


Great content is so critical and often overlooked. Yes a website needs to look great and yes it should be easy to navigate. But what you say on a page is just as important when it comes to capturing attention and driving action. 

My career began with a journalism degree and a writing job for an SEO agency, so I know a thing or two about creating great stories (rarely on a typewriter). 

So whether your blog needs some regular newsworthy posts or you  need to get industry eyes on your thought-leadership, I can help with that.


My approach to writing content for a business really comes down to getting to know you. Thankfully, I can do most of my research without taking up a chair in your office for a few months. 

Once I understand the tone, the key messages, how you’re different to your competitors and what your audience would be interested to hear, I can get cracking, no matter the medium:

  • Ongoing monthly blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Support with social messaging
  • Off-site content marketing and guest blogging