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Increase search rankings and gain invaluable targeted website traffic with a strategic search engine optimisation campaign.

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As an SEO freelancer, your success is everything

SEO freelancer

The strategic approach

Anyone can say they do SEO. Few have the results to prove it. 

I’ve worked with companies from across industries to get a grasp of their search engine marketing, pinpoint exactly what search terms will provide value and drive campaigns to deliver results.

Whether you’re in a challenging B2B field or overcrowded consumer niche, I can create a campaign that works alongside your existing strategies (or rip them up and start from scratch). 


Every campaign starts with research. Which search terms are  you already ranking for? Which competitors does it annoy you most are ranking better than you? What keywords do you think are most valuable in your space?

From this information I can create a plan of action which begins with copious research and ends with a long-term, strategic approach to getting your website where you need it to be. 

Plan of action.

Here are the steps I typically take for each SEO campaign. They’re methodical, they allow for your expert input and is always guided by analytics and data.